Not Getting drunk

You are not getting drunk,  acting stupid on the street

When life is getting ugly, keep yourself pretty for a change


When a door is closed, you will notice the windows

and the scenery beyond

Let the door shut

let go

Let your vision return

You were not blind

You were blocked


You are not sitting up tonight, listening for car engines on the street

There may be prolonged nights,  spend them planing for your day


No one is forever wining, or forever losing

Marriage can be heaven, marriage can be prison

but love is air

You feel it when you are losing it, you kick and struggle, you become desperate

you hate to see what you have become


You will find your love back,  that you are entitled to

Yet not from him or her, let go!

Let go the one that has no love left, for you


Not tonight, no more any night


Written in memory of three broken marriages of siblings, same year






















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