Jack for Jill

Jack for Jill


School yard , starry night,

I  fled,

from love.

Pride and poverty.

Age twenty.


Dew on grass, wet like tear.

I ran,

for years towards,

who adored me, left me, allured me, bullied me,

forgave me, followed me,

who in haste, passed me.


She had become a mother of three,

sweet still,

yet wrote no more.

her fables stayed with the stone bridge,

where we departed young.


She dropped out,

married a pen pal,

whose eye burnt blind,

building their home.


The other sweetheart,

had velvet skin and garnet-like pupils.

had paired my verses at science class.


Now a teacher,

still drinking steamy boiled water,

she blew, sipped,

inhaling as if for the aroma of tea.

with her little family

we tied the loose end that loosened thereafter


That year I was thirty.

I was the solution, the companion, the fighter,

I was justice, courage, and protection.

By many a beauty admired and befriended,

city to city, failure by failure, falsely seen as a heroine,


Obliviously desperate … …


Till at the airport, he walked towards me like a lord.

Every penny dropped .

His eyes pure and innocent,

like those of  a baby when mother leans over to check.

his shoulders warm and broad,

and his hand holding mine tight.


He is the reason why I fought,  I realise,

and the home of my heart.



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