Chinese Recipe One

Water Gruel


Give your chef a day off;

Change your designer clothes into the blue coverall;

Switch off the plasma TV you never watch;

And the iPhone that has kept you running like a ball.


Go to your garden to cut a bunch of chives,

Mince it and salt it in a bowl for 10 minutes,

Pull boiling water into half bowl of cooked rice,

And drain twice,

Serve both bowls on the floor with a pair of chopsticks .


You said it was the best lunch in your life,

When plastering the first cottage built with your wife,

Of adobe wall and thatch roof,

Both sweating and laughing of youth.

Thirty three years ago, plus two months.
///Now , do you still want a divorce?


2 comments on “Chinese Recipe One

  1. Kerry says:

    I REALLY liked this tonight! I thought it was wonderful! :)

    • poetryplusuk says:

      Thank you. It is so nice to see your writing here. On your page about the words SERIES, I look forward to opinions from you and your readers. but not this moment for you.hehe. Good night.

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