Out of My Depth

Thoughts untold on the phone scare myself

but I wish you have taken me home

my pulse betrays the calming face, so close to yours

my eyes avoid yours


sometimes I fell so out of my depth

with you


Your home is lit, the sunbeams are soft

A dead end, one way, knoll street

Command me to stay

Someone wants to stay


should I stay like a cat, wondering away

when you wanted space

should I stay in your heart and come out before bed

to hear about your day


I feel so out of my depth with you

thoughts and thoughts and thoughts are withheld

When I call to hear your voice

thoughts withheld scare myself

it’s been a long long while since

I wanted to dive into your arms







Dance into Spring

Dance into Spring

Music glides
off those strings like rain
candles dancing with log fire
lights warm and gentle
gentler are those faces
in various directions and still
those lovers of sounds, words, shapes and colours
implanted on cushions, floor, in chairs and sofas
are still

Mesmerised late winter hearts are dancing
with the poet
as his words striking through
the night air surrenders
to spring
Green, blue, red, purple,
virgin buds blossom
scent fills in the air

Lights are warm and gentle
gentler as loving hearts
melted in the beauty of art
and as party dances
from winter
to spring


Dedicated to yesterdays  home party in Frome packed with poetry, music and lovers of art.