Dance into Spring

Dance into Spring

Music glides
off those strings like rain
candles dancing with log fire
lights warm and gentle
gentler are those faces
in various directions and still
those lovers of sounds, words, shapes and colours
implanted on cushions, floor, in chairs and sofas
are still

Mesmerised late winter hearts are dancing
with the poet
as his words striking through
the night air surrenders
to spring
Green, blue, red, purple,
virgin buds blossom
scent fills in the air

Lights are warm and gentle
gentler as loving hearts
melted in the beauty of art
and as party dances
from winter
to spring


Dedicated to yesterdays  home party in Frome packed with poetry, music and lovers of art.


Fell in a terrible way

Fell in a Terrible Way

You are missed in a terrible way


It may frighten you and drive you away

that I fell for you right after we met

I did not feel what I feel when I was with you

too soon to depart, I had thought

before the strike of love-sick


It has to be held private

expecting your reciprocation is unjust

Am I mad

suppressing in my throat this herd of beasts

I address you sweetheart in a forward text


and on tenterhooks await for your reply


if you are scared

kill my feelings and terminate my insomnia

nip the bud as I deserve, but

if you like me just a little

wish to understand me just a bit more

rescue me please

take my breath away

love me today


love me today

I have come a long way to be desperate

as if a dying ash calls for hay

one minute is too long to wait

be my saviour

ignite me with a hug

You are the only hay that warms me up

when your shoulder incidently touched mine at the walk

when your arms pulled out and your eyes cast first look

when you dried my spoilt coffee within no time

when you looked at things I would like to see

and talked in a way I wish to hear

when you understood what I about to explain

you must then understand

my madness today