Solemn Silence

Ka! the bathroom fan finally stopped,

The kitchen door is closed – no movements will trigger the lights.

The street has gone to sleep, good night!

The man cried for his cat is gone, good luck!


So many of the “the”s

are around me, shadowing me, suffocating me,

with constant persistant dominant demands

of attention


I feel alive again, after some Nina de Roja,

I am back to my own world – idle,tipsy, woozy – but quiet,

preciously quiet


No more hysterical songs on the radio,

No more aimless rambling to a bearer,

No more explanations or justifications

that are of no interest

to whoever had time wasted for.


I found myself again

In the middle of the night,

it visits like a bosom friend

in solemn silence!














Father catches up with mother in his own way

Her one year memorial falls

on his 100th day!

On Chinese lunar calendar

An event is marked for them both

That day, they reunite, they relive and they celebrate!


Father outlived mother

thus the loss brings no suffer

He walked quietly, dementia walk

not knowing what it was for

Love was never a word they say

It was there in abundance every day


Fate must have its miraculous way

Mother would just be there admiring flowers

when father passes by in haste

Heavenly birds then start to sing

and he will remember everything!


To my dearest mother who passed away in Sep 2015 and my dearest father who followed in May 2016.